How do you get to know someone?
July 17, 2017

If I was going to be a guest on someone’s talk show, I’d research the host. If she had a blog, I’d read several posts. If she was on Twitter, I’d scroll through her feed. It wouldn’t tell me everything, but I’d feel better prepared. And if something I learned was worth sharing during the program, I doubt she’d be offended.

She wouldn’t. I know. I’m the host who’s been studied up on -- Arianna Huffington comes to mind! -- and getting quoted back to myself feels lovely.

Knowing my guests might be checking this site to read up on me before our interview, I check up on myself. I read the most recent blog posts from what I hope is more of a stranger’s perspective, and I scroll through what I’ve shared on Twitter lately.

It always leaves me feeling better. Bouncier. Which is, you know, the point.

Once in a while when I’m struggling with a problem Darrell reminds me I’ve already shared what might help. “You should read your own blog,” he’ll say.

Not the worst advice! If we do say so ourselves.