Do you underestimate the power of a small kindness?
July 20, 2017

garden for the blogThe last time I got a manicure the guy offered to paint little flowers on the nails on my ring fingers, “no extra charge.”

Well, sure.

I almost burst into tears, though. This was the first time someone had given me the impression my nails were something to adorn. Getting them to the point where I can even offer them up to be manicured has been a lifelong struggle. Now, suddenly, there are black and white flowers -- covered with silvery sparkly sprinkles -- over the pink polish I love so much, and they’re straight out of a Japanese garden. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent admiring them.

Those two tiny flowers have burrowed into my brain the way a present from Katie did the winter before last. It was a book filled with what, specifically, she loves most about me -- which just so happens to be what I love most about myself. Not only that, she threw in the way she thinks I could easily change the world -- which also happens to be the way I want to do that.

Can you imagine? I memorized that book, and I recite it in my head every night. It’s laying down new grooves. It’s reminding me to keep inching toward that already okay person Kate described.

And now, in a seemingly whimsical afterthought -- though who knows? -- the guy who gave me a manicure showed me there’s indeed magic, right here, at my fingertips!


photo courtesy of Katie Anderson