What are you becoming?
July 25, 2017

Have you read God’s Debris by Scott Adams? No? Well, what are you doing here? Go get a copy and enjoy yourself. You’re welcome!

Quick story. The other day Darrell and I were having lunch at a café when we started joking around about how boring the conversation was at the next table. It shouldn’t have mattered, but the guy holding court must be hard of hearing. His voice overpowered every other conversation at every other table.

That’s why what happened next was so embarrassing. The conversation Darrell and I were having took a turn so boring I almost wanted to switch places. It was a classic case of “you spot it, you got it.”

If your table topics include how bored you are by the people at the next table, I don’t think the people at the next table are your biggest problem right now.

So noted! I can do better. By reading more books, for example, like the one I just mentioned. And not just because this line from it rings so true: “It is a human tendency to become what you attack.”