Do you know when it’s time to leave?
August 5, 2017

Once upon a time I had the privilege of attending a perfect wedding. Use any metric you want. Dreamy doesn’t begin to cover it. I could probably fill a book with all the reasons, but come on. Who craves that much detail on anyone’s wedding, unless it’s your own?

The way it ended has become my template for endings, though. I didn’t give much thought to endings until I watched this one. It was a surprise, and it was perfect.

The happy couple had changed into traveling clothes and were making their way into the getaway car. They got pummeled by rice. Once in the car the bride scanned the crowd for her parents. Yes! There they were. Hugs and kisses and -- over and over and over -- “I love you.” Now the bride was smiling. She apparently wanted reassurance this was okay with the parents. After the wedding comes the wedding night, after all -- and, well, you know. The look on her face was so innocent, like she just couldn’t believe this was okay.

And then, a lull in the action. It was time to leave. Right? But somewhere in the crowd a good friend of the couple decided, no. “Wait! Wait!” he hollered. “Nobody’s kissed the groom yet!” The friend made his way to the driver’s side of the car, threw his arms around the groom, and gave him a big kiss on the lips. Everyone cracked up.

Now it was time to leave.

The couple, suddenly happier than ever, pulled away -- leaving a trail of laughter I still hear thirty years later.