Do you have a buddy?
September 6, 2017

Last summer Darrell and I ran a seven-mile road race on hills. I used to run it every year, but when I met Darrell and had Katie I put aside the tradition. Twenty years went by, and I was itching to mark that anniversary. Darrell had been running with me to stay in shape, and he agreed to join me for what would be his first race.

It was a blast. Seriously. I couldn’t get over how much more fun it was to make my way through the neighborhoods with him beside me. Don’t have to look far for the life lesson in that one!

As the miles went by -- as we enjoyed the attention from what felt like every single resident of the community who wasn’t already pounding the pavement with us -- I was also struck by how shaded, how dark, how almost sad the route felt. It was a sunny day. I was confused.

Then I realized the trees had grown in. Duh. That’s what trees do. Had I gone back every year the way I used to, I wouldn’t have noticed. Twenty years later? Wow. It’s like a kid you haven’t seen in twenty years: “My, how you’ve grown!”

The course looked different, but it was alive. The trees were growing. The neighborhood children had grown up. It was fun to think of all the ways I’d grown, too. I didn’t always have a running buddy, for example. I highly recommend it!