Do you play to your audience?
September 13, 2017

“Interesting story.” That’s what my friend Brooks Palmer said after he heard about my three-hour bout of sadness at thinking I’d lost a tiny plastic container. This wasn’t just any container, granted. It was a gift from Katie, I use it every day, and it’s as beautiful as it is functional.

But interesting? I worried as I shared it on the show this was the lamest admission ever.

And yet, and yet…

I had a feeling Brooks would turn the anecdote into quite the reverie about how things can become part of us. He did. Whew!

Interesting is relative, isn’t it? Speaking of relatives! For almost twenty-four years Darrell has been calling my attention to wildlife. I have nothing against wildlife. But a deer only becomes interesting to me if it’s crashed into our car. I’m a city kid, I guess. So I teased him about that recently. “In all the time you've known me,” I said, “in all the years of telling me where some deer is grazing, have I ever once thanked you for that?”

I’ve guessed wrong with him, too. Want proof? We made a rule. No talking about hair. I have his permission to make an exception, though. It’s in the next post.