What does your house say about you?
September 18, 2017

If you’re constantly glancing if not gazing at your reflection in a mirror at home or at work, make sure it’s at a good height. You don’t want the top of your head cut off. Feng shui expert Tess Whitehurst says it’ll gradually erode your self-esteem.

I believe her. So does Darrell, believe it or not. He surprised me by being so interested in this topic, and I credit Tess. She knows that space.

When I told her I’d heard the suggestion to ask yourself how you feel when you walk into your house, she topped it. She asked us to imagine our house. Then she suggested we ask ourselves what kind of people would live in a house like that.

I’ve given it a lot of thought. Here’s my answer: “Neat. Clean. And in transition.”

Am I looking on the bright side? Definitely. That’s the kind of person I am!