Are you stressed?
September 19, 2017

When happiness researcher Gretchen Rubin feels anxious, she reads again the books she loved as a kid. “The more worried I am,” she says, “the simpler the book.”

When I’m anxious I have boring dreams, like the one Katie loves teasing me about -- that I’m running out of paper towels. It’s as if my waking hours are exciting enough. No sense burdening me with anything complicated in my sleep.

The other day on the talk show I heard myself tell a guest how Darrell can tell things are a little off at home. I call a banana by its formal name, “banana.” If everything’s fine I say “nanner.”

Of course he had no idea.

Now he does!

The talk show’s my truth serum. I blurt things out I hadn’t admitted even to myself. I throw myself into the conversation and let the chips fall. It’s scary. And illuminating!