Have you left a mark?
September 26, 2017

Our family dermatologist is retiring. He’s the guy who took a laser to baby Katie’s forehead once upon, and thanks to him an otherwise distracting birthmark quickly faded into “Where Was That Thing Again?” Land. He’s the guy we’d ask about the sun damage on Darrell’s back, and he’s much of the reason you can barely see a scar from a long-ago car accident on my own forehead.

I’ll miss him a lot. There was something so reassuring about even his posture, which was perfect -- and was much of the reason he exuded a quiet confidence.

I’ll miss his seemingly infinite patience. His days were long, as was the wait to get on his schedule because he was a hit with more than just the Andersons. But he answered every question as if he had all the time in the world and you were the most important person in the world.

I didn’t know until the last time we saw him it would probably be the last time unless we, say, run into him in the grocery store. He could tell by my reaction I was heartbroken. It made me glad I’d written him so many thank-you notes over the years. He knows a little something about me, too. I appreciate someone while he’s in my life, not just in retrospect.