What helps you forget you’re afraid?
September 27, 2017

Some memories get dreamier as time goes by. Take our helicopter ride over Manhattan. What an exciting addition to the family scrapbook! It was so much fun.
Jane Sobel Klonsky wasn’t looking forward to being in a helicopter the way Darrell and Katie and I were. She’s afraid of heights, for one thing. And she was hanging out the window of one -- securely harnessed, but hanging -- so she could get pictures of the New York City Marathon from the air.

What kept her focused, so to speak? Her camera. Fear’s no match for it, she says.

I wondered if it was like the glass or plastic or whatever it is between you and a cab driver that -- according to Jerry Seinfeld -- makes a death-defying ride feel like you’re watching a movie.

“That’s exactly what it’s like,” Jane says.

What calms you down?