Are you a nice person?
October 12, 2017

movie theater for the blogEver notice how when you get together with your grownup kid the stories from childhood start flying? It’s as if you’re trying to preserve that shared history by cracking it open like a fine bottle of wine, not that I have the ability to distinguish fine wine from its just-okay counterparts. If memory serves, and as Scott Adams would say, both gave me the same kind of headache. Like Scott, I no longer drink alcohol. I, too, see it as poison.

What was I talking about? Oh, yes. Childhood memories. I loved a recent report from Katie, that she remembers me rushing back to a video store one Christmas night with some of our famous sugar cookies because I’d felt bad for the clerk who had to work on a holiday.

That sounds like something a nice person would do, but I’d forgotten about it. You know how it goes. I was probably busy fretting about the ways I’d let people down. That, my friends, is what friends (and family, if you’re lucky) are for. They remind you that you’re a good kid, that they’re with you on purpose.