How do you care for your brain?
October 17, 2017

51a1d3u8nXL. SX329 BO1204203200 How much training have you had on the proper care of your brain? None? That sucks.

It’s one reason I was happy to talk with Dr. Daniel Amen on the show recently. Don’t play football, he says. Don’t eat junk. Don’t smoke pot. High school kids ask him how they’re supposed to have any fun. Taking care of their brains will get them dates, he counters, and into college. He teaches them not to believe everything they think, and to develop ways of challenging what he calls automatic negative thoughts.

When Dr. Amen’s daughter wanted help getting rid of her acne and maintaining a healthy weight, he took her to Whole Foods and taught her how to read nutrition labels. He made it a game. “Find ten things that you love,” he said, “that love you back.”

Doesn’t that paint the sweetest picture?

You have so much control over how healthy you are. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!