How do you know you’re focused?
October 29, 2017

The phone rings, but I’m deep in concentration -- so my chest hurts from the sudden, if imaginary, terror. I try to interrupt the perky-voiced telemarketer but she isn’t listening. She keeps talking over me. I’m annoyed, but I put that feeling aside long enough to realize she isn’t a person. She’s a recording. Never mind!

I hang up, share with Darrell my frustration, and have a flash of self-awareness: “I realize the update is out of proportion to the actual event.” He throws his head back and laughs the way he does constantly around here. “You’re fun!” he says.

“Does that temper the intensity?” I wonder. “Of course!” he says, laughing at that.

As recently as five years ago I probably would’ve beaten myself up for being frightened at the sound of a telephone ringing. Not this time. I congratulated myself on the focus.
You don’t have to frame your reactions in the worst possible light, you know.