How do you scale the abyss?
November 16, 2017

Darrell and I snagged a seat to the best show in town. It’s called Katie’s Life. One thing that strikes us? What an original she is. She went to one of the best business schools in the country completely by accident (long story), and there -- surrounded by people so freakishly future-focused their parents were inquiring about internships on move-in day -- she bought into exactly zero of the madness.

We told Katie a long time ago we didn’t care if she went to college, that’s how “hands off” we were. It is, and always has been, her life. Still, neither of us could’ve predicted just how creatively she lives. Things are working out so freakishly perfectly I’d freak out about jinxing it by saying that, had I not gotten to know her as well as I have.

Katie lives with a sense of adventure. She takes one thing at a time. One day, one moment, at a time. She throws herself into whatever’s right in front of her so completely (and exuberantly!) the next step unfolds magically. And then the one after that.

I’m perched squarely on top of the precipice between a life I’ll mourn for not having done more with, and the life I feel destined for. It’s solemn and scary. Mostly solemn. But there’s a resolve in me that wasn’t there before, and I credit Katie.

With every step I channel more of her spirit, and I get stronger every day.

for the blog 171116Which reminds me of asking Kindergarten Katie why she was skipping (seriously, skipping) through the halls at school. “It doesn’t count as running,” she reported. Running wasn’t allowed, but she’d found a workaround -- to everyone’s delight.

Maybe it’s worth repeating. It isn’t our job, as parents, to teach kids how to live. Our job is to stay out of their way, to watch them live -- and to have the good sense to follow their lead.