How much do you know about your supposed dream job?
November 18, 2017

I used to think HuffPost writers had an okay job. But shortly after I started contributing to the site, Darrell and Katie and I got a tour of the New York office. I was surprised by how dreary it seemed. The main floor was filled with row after row of people sitting at screens, as you might expect, but the room was dark -- and a little depressing. It was so quiet.

I kept asking myself how I’d feel if I worked at one of those screens. The answer? I’d probably always be counting the minutes until I could get out into the light.

Maybe sunlight streaming in from a reliable source wouldn’t even make your top ten “must have” working conditions. Me? I need lots of light the way most people need plenty of air. Which reminds me of a fake commercial I saw once, probably on Saturday Night Live, about a free trip to Alaska -- which consisted of five nights and six nights.

How do you like to work?