What do you represent?
November 21, 2017

I’m standing in the hallway outside a courtroom in a small town in Illinois, watching my attorney joke around with my soon-to-be-ex husband’s attorney. They’re joking around! About what they’re doing for lunch! On the worst -- or what I thought would be the worst -- day of my life.

I couldn’t get over that. The worst day of my life, and to these lawyers it’s just…Thursday. That’s probably the biggest lesson from that day, if you can believe it. We’re the stars of our lives, but the world doesn’t revolve around us.


That’s one reason, when Darrell and Katie and I met with Dr. Nick Morgan on a snowy winter Wednesday last March, I tried to contain my excitement. It was a very big day in our lives, but to Dr. Morgan? Just another day at the office. As the day wore on I wondered how it compared with days he’d spent coaching other people. Was he having fun? Were we fun to teach?

To hear him tell it, mission accomplished. “What a great family,” he told us. “What a fun day.”

There’s something heartbreaking about big days in the life. All those expectations! Riding on people who are probably distracted, who’d really rather be having their own “big day” somewhere else. But you know what? The more often you keep in mind you’re just one player in the game of life, the more you might be able to help someone forget it’s just another day at the office. You can make someone so glad he came into work he isn’t pining away for his next vacation. Not now, anyway!


photo courtesy of Katie Anderson