What makes you look good?
December 13, 2017

Sometimes they take my breath away. Photographs of me as a young woman. I was stunning. Really, truly, objectively stunning.

Did I know that? I think so. I wasn’t smug about it, but at some level I knew I was beautiful.

A few years ago Katie made a list of things she loved about me. “I’m thankful I got your face,” she said. Can you imagine my delight?

What strikes me about those early years was how unhappy I was. It wasn’t that I expected a pretty face to spare me the yuck, not at all. It was more of a realization that my looks couldn’t help with what felt like a tangled mess of only angst. They didn’t guarantee happiness. Nothing guaranteed happiness. I’d eventually decide the pursuit of happiness was beside the point.

The pursuit of meaning? That’s more like it. Being useful, lighting the way for someone else. Seeing the delight on someone’s face because you showed up? That looks good on anybody.