Can you spot the upside?
December 14, 2017

Have you heard this one? A guy says, “Nice, it’s finally warm!” The next day: “It’s too hot.”

That’s why I know better than to crave warm weather for running after the bitter cold sets in. There’s such a fine line between warm and too warm.

Still, those first few days of winter running suck. You’ve forgotten what a project it is to dress for it. You’ve forgotten the anxiety brought on by icy roads, stopwatches that may or may not keep working, and texting drivers who don’t even stop texting on icy roads.

But after exactly two days this time around I snapped out of it. We were enjoying a “Colorado ski cold” as opposed to a “Minnesota hell cold,” granted -- so it was easy. “This really isn’t so bad,” I thought.

Not so bad wasn’t quite it, though. It was kind of okay. More than okay. “Really quite enjoyable,” as a little-kid Katie would’ve said. Which is incredible. I was enjoying…a run?


It took a while, but I figured out why. My headphones were pressed closer to my head given the thicker headband. Under the rest of my gear I had quite the little concert going between my ears. I have the most beautiful playlist, and I was in my own little “yeah it’s winter but I’m still a badass worker outer” world.

I love surprises!