How do you stay slender?
January 17, 2018

Once upon a time I was faithful to the four food groups -- sugar, fat, salt, and caffeine. Coffee and donuts for breakfast, cheese soup and steak sandwiches and soda for lunch, a slice of someone’s birthday cake for dessert back at the office. How I got through an afternoon without needing a nap is beyond me, but I was rarely hungry when I got home from work. More often than not I’d skip dinner.

If you would’ve opened my refrigerator, the brand-new fridge in my brand-new condo in Kansas City, you would’ve thought it was a painting. A little wine, a wedge of cheese, maybe a few eggs. I had some noodles in the cupboard, but that was about it. Cook a real meal? For myself? Are you kidding? Who does that?

What strikes me, looking back on my twenties, was how slender I was despite not working out consistently (okay, ever). Now I know why. Many if not most days of the week I stopped eating by two o’clock in the afternoon, and didn’t start in again until a seven o’clock breakfast the next morning. I was intermittently, and accidentally, fasting.

A gal who attended one of my presentations on what would become The Willpower Workaround told me I’d mentioned something in passing that might be the reason I’m almost effortlessly slender these days -- beyond my great diet and now consistent workouts. Which is that I stop eating early in the evening. Does that explain the pass I got in my twenties? It might. More speculation in my next post.