What if the solution is simple?
January 18, 2018

When the Communications Workers of America went on strike in 1986, I became a switchboard operator. I was a manager with AT&T, and this assignment was fascinating. I worked the night shift, for one thing. Have you ever done that? I recommend it. You might find, as a lot of people who wait tables do, you’re glad to have had this window on the working world.

nail polishAfter five years with AT&T I was finally learning how calls were connected. I even grew my nails because my hands were always busy.

My ten-year high school reunion was coming up a bit later that summer, and I gave myself a month to lose those pesky seven pounds I’d gained since graduation. It was easy. When I got off work in the morning, I’d run three miles or so up a big hill near our condo. When I got home I showered and went to bed for the night -- I mean, day -- but I didn’t eat dinner (breakfast?).

I think I lost the seven pounds the first night. Seriously. If every overweight person ended the day with a run and skipped dinner, can you imagine how many pounds we’d collectively lose?

It isn’t necessarily how much you eat, I’m starting to think, as when you eat it. Unless there’s a lot of added sugar in your diet. Then all bets are off. But if you really need to lose weight, the solution might be as simple as eating two meals a day instead of three.

Might be worth a try.