Are you racking up unnecessary demerits?
January 30, 2018

JorshYou learn a lot when you marry someone named Darrell. Namely (so to speak) that correct spelling doesn’t seem to be a project for people. They use the standard Daryl, of course -- and it goes downward (sideways?) from there.

Which reminds me of checking, double-checking, and triple-checking the manuscript for my first book so carefully I thought I’d never recover. It was exhausting. There couldn’t be anything left to verify. Could there? Oh, wait. Some guy named Dennis. Surely it was “Dennis,” right? Wrong. “Denis.”

Yes, I caught it in time. No, I never trusted my assumptions on anything from that point forward. Yes, it’s a hassle to forever be checking the spelling of even so-called common names. Yes, it’s worth it.

There’s nothing sweeter, as the saying goes, than the sound of one’s own name. It makes me wonder if there’s anything more distracting than not spelling it correctly.