Why do you what you do?
February 1, 2018

Many years ago a friend stopped by to see the progress on our home renovation. Darrell had just wired stereo speakers in opposite corners of the living room ceiling. I told my pal what a project it had been to make sure they were perfectly lined up.

“Why does it matter?” my friend asked, not taking pains to soften the question.

“Because I have a defect in my brain,” I told her, jumping at the chance to flog myself.

Flogging myself is no longer a hobby, and I’d answer the question differently if someone posed it today. I’d say I have a flair for design, and even small details matter.

Right? Everyone’s picky about something. Sometimes many things. I generally gravitate toward people who are fussy about getting things right. Pilots, dermatologists, mechanics. Some work is life or death. Even when it isn’t, there’s a lot to be said for fine craftsmanship.