Do you build small wins into the day?
February 6, 2018

Get up when you said you will. Don’t hit the snooze button on your alarm. Then make your bed. You’ll start the day with a couple of wins, and that won’t hurt your chances of making bigger things happen as the day goes on.

Maybe you’ve heard that advice elsewhere. I certainly have. And I’ve found it to be eerily predictive.

Which reminds me how often a plane will be late taking off, only to have a pilot reassure us we’d “make it up in the air” and arrive on time if not early. That’s one reason I build margin into the day. Yes, I’d like to be doing this or that by such and such a time -- but if I miss one deadline I can make it up by spending less time on something less important.

I used to cram my schedule so full the odds of getting everything in approached zero, so by the time I hit the pillow I was always disappointed with myself. The only thing that varied was the reason.

That isn’t a very good way to go through life, is it? 

Lower your expectations. Not too much, but some. You might be surprised by how good you feel for having met those. Which might inspire you to raise them again!

Life’s a dance, isn’t it?