What inspires fresh eyes?
February 10, 2018

My friend Brooks Palmer suggests you take a pile of what’s almost certainly clutter and move it to a different room. It’ll help you see it for what it is. Clutter! In its natural habitat it becomes, as our family likes to say, “part of the furniture.” You get used to it being there. You can’t imagine it not being there.

When something’s out of place you look at it with fresh eyes. “What the heck was I keeping that for?” I almost always ask.

It’s like what happens when you’re on vacation. You don’t follow the same routines you do at home, and if you’re anything like me you find yourself asking if you could dispense with some of those routines. Habits are great. Ruts? Not so much. Getting the heck out of Dodge for a while can help you tell the difference.