How do you react to new ideas?
February 11, 2018

When Heroic Ownership author Scot Hunsaker ran one of his dad’s businesses, his dad was forever stopping by to ask Scot what the heck he was doing. To the older gentleman’s credit, he’d give Scot a chance to explain. “Well, okay,” he’d say as he left the office.

But he didn’t leave it at that. More often than not, as Scot shared on the show recently, his dad would toss off this gem as he walked away: “That’s the best idea I’ve heard in my life!”

Can you imagine?

The day after we recorded this interview, Darrell shared an idea with me -- how I might be able to get further, faster on a project I’m working on. I looked at him. “That’s a great idea!” I said. I would have had that reaction regardless, but I gushed a bit more and for just a bit longer than I would’ve otherwise.

Who’s your role model for cheerleading?