Are you getting stronger?
February 12, 2018

moonlight croppedThe other day I shared with Darrell an idea for advancing a project. “You aren’t thinking big enough,” he said. “It will take twenty years to get anywhere that way.” Then he told me the person he thought I should pitch, and gave me a few pointers.

A wave of fear washed over me. “That’s good,” I thought. Of course it’s scary. Reaching way out for life usually is.

About a week later I got a call from a guy who joined me on the show recently. He’s a titan, and I don’t use that word loosely. He wanted help with something he’s working on (long story). But like the class act he is, he first asked about my work and wondered how he could help.

I laid out my “dream scenario,” the one Darrell had encouraged me to go after.

The titan’s reaction was swift. “No,” he said. “Just…no.” He promised that -- while not impossible -- the odds of anything good happening were almost zero.

I didn’t disagree, but he wasn’t finished.

“Let me get this straight,” he seemed to be saying. “You have ABC going on, and you think it would be a good idea to get in touch with XYZ about that? What are you, nuts?” He gave me the feeling this move would fail so spectacularly I’d have difficulty getting out of bed for a while, let alone proceed with the project. “That’s cute,” I could imagine him thinking. “That’s a good one.”

I gave myself credit for having a dream scenario. At least I’d been working the problem. More importantly, I loved my reaction to his reaction. I was not only open to the man’s opinion, I thanked my lucky stars he shared it with me. He cuts me no slack. I love that.

And, yes. He also told me how to get started in a new, less “dopey,” direction!

Several months ago I told another guest on the show I find myself running toward pain because time’s running out -- and I still have a lot to learn. “That’s brave,” he’d said. I’d like to think so. I am getting stronger. Anyone who’s ever accused me of being “too” sensitive didn’t hear my end of the conversation I just told you about. I couldn’t stop laughing when I gave Darrell the recap. “That was brutal,” I told him. “And all I could think was, ‘Bring it.’ People pay otherworldly amounts of money for this kind of advice. I’m so lucky.”

You know what else? It’s just fascinating to watch people like this work.