Are you generous with compliments?
March 5, 2018

We only had a couple of hours before Katie needed to be at the airport, so she and Dad were playing cards. We happened to be in a shopping mall, next to an escalator -- where a man and his little boy were riding it up and down and back up again. The first few times it was cute. After dozens more? Hilarious. What struck all three of us was how attentive the dad was. He didn’t pull out his phone once. You could’ve sworn the only thing that mattered to him was the kid.

Do we say something? To me it wasn’t even a question. I have Scott Adams to thank for that. “Withholding praise borders on immoral,” he says.

So I stood up on their next trip down, leaned over the railing a bit, and told Escalator Dad how impressed we were. “All that time,” I said, “and no phone!” He grinned big, and we could tell he didn’t mind hearing this.

“Maybe that was his New Year’s Resolution,” I told my sweethearts afterward. To which Katie replied, “And the kid’s resolution was to ride more escalators.”