Do you rule in favor of yourself?
March 12, 2018

This is a tale of two requests for help. One was from a woman I had on the show. You might not recognize her name, but if you’re old enough you’re almost certainly familiar with the television program she produced. The other request was from someone I barely know. Her life was a mess.

Exec Producer Woman wanted my advice on a work project. The Gal I Barely Know wanted a shoulder to cry on.

I jumped at the chance to help the first, but balked at the second. It gnawed at me, though. Surely the second woman deserved my time as much as the first. Was I only willing to help people who could potentially help me?

140411 3 for the blogAfter a while I decided that wasn’t it. My heart soared at the thought of more time with Exec Producer Woman. She was smart and funny and fun. I knew I’d come away from our chat full of energy and ideas. The Gal I Barely Know depressed me, so I offered her help that didn’t involve getting together for coffee on Thursdays.

If you cultivate friendships with people who leave you feeling drained -- the way I used to -- maybe it’s time to be a better friend to yourself.