Do you ask for what you want?
March 13, 2018

After I finished an interview a while back, my guest asked if I’d record a different close for the show. Well, sure. That’s one benefit of “recorded” versus “live.” After I recorded the new close I asked her if it was okay. At first she said yes. Then she changed her mind.

It isn’t enough, she explained, to tell people where they can find her online. You need to tell them about the “free resources.” People respond to “free.”

I recorded another close to included that reference. Now she was happy.

This was the first request of its kind I’d fielded in more than nine years of the talk show. Had the situation been reversed and I’d been the guest, I don’t think it would’ve occurred to me to ask. But how refreshing, I told her. It’s a fairly recent development, she offered. It had taken her a long time to get to that point.

There’s no guarantee you’ll get what you want. But there’s one way to make sure you won’t. Don’t ask!