What’s noteworthy?
May 9, 2018

One thing I’ve noticed about Katie lately is the same thing I’ve noticed about myself for what feels like forever. We love making people laugh. When it happens, we bask. We mark the moment. And we come back to that moment again and again and again.

You get more of what you focus on, as the saying goes. Where’s your focus? On the colleague who screwed you over yet again, the price of gas, the aches and pains? Do you spend so much talking about what’s going wrong you give people the impression you’re devoted to your unhappiness?

Whatever makes you happy (or unhappy, I guess). But if you’re open to a happiness upgrade, I have a suggestion. Keep a file filled with things you found hilarious. Keep it handy. And the next time you’re tempted to rain on someone’s parade, even your own, substitute that for something silly. It’s the best (mental) health insurance money can’t buy.