Is it ever too early to read to a child?
June 28, 2018

Dr SeussWhen Katie was minus however many months I took seriously the suggestion to help her be as comfortable with Dad’s voice as mine. You know how it goes. The child’s never not with Mom. The sound of her voice is life itself.

So I had Darrell record some Dr. Seuss books on a cassette tape -- remember those? -- and I played it next to my stomach under a sweater on weekday mornings as I prepped for my (then daily) talk show. She was kicking a lot by this point, but when I turned the recorder on she stopped. When I turned the recorder off she almost always kicked me, hard, in what I imagined was protest.

Katie’s the most voracious reader I’ve ever known. As a toddler her favorite word was again. If we read a book to her once we read it hundreds of times, and I’m not kidding.

Did it help to read to her before she was born? Who knows? But we’re sure it didn’t hurt!


photo courtesy of Katie Anderson