What memories do you savor?
July 4, 2018

Stale Cheetos. Fruity Pebbles. And coffee. If I wrote a million billion words I don’t know if I could adequately communicate how much I love -- and miss -- those three things. In that order.

Try it sometime. Slice open a big bag of Cheetos. Leave it open on the kitchen counter overnight. Feast on the stale deliciousness as soon as you wake up, and when you’ve had enough (trust me, it might take a while), pour yourself a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and add the milk. The perfect dessert, in my opinion, for the perfect breakfast.

You’ll feel a little queasy at this point, which -- if memory serves -- was the yummy, addicting point. That’s when you pour yourself a big mug of really strong, really hot coffee. If the coffee’s strong enough you’ll undo a lot of the damage from the Cheetos and the cereal.

I’m actually powerless over love like that, one reason I won’t touch Cheeto dust or venture into the sweetened cereal aisle or take even one sip of Darrell’s coffee. What remains? The memory of a great love affair. I’m glad I sowed my wild oats (so to speak). I had my fun. Now I’ve changed my definition of fun. I love foods that, as Dr. Daniel Amen says, love me back.