Whose approval matters?
August 29, 2018

When Katie was a baby I took her with me on morning rounds to gather the news. I was a reporter for a radio station in town, and Darrell -- who was working from home -- appreciated the time to focus.

Nobody seemed to have a problem with the arrangement, not that I’d asked. The gals at the police department, the sheriff’s office, and the court administrator’s office acted like I made their day, every day, by sharing Kate with them. They happily doted on her while I looked at the reports.

One day I heard the reporter from the other radio station was not happy about this. It struck me as exactly none of his business, but I took a poll just in case. I asked everyone I worked with if she minded that Katie was with me.

“The only thing we’d mind,” every single person said, “is if you showed up without her.”

There’s more than one way to do life. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Particularly the people who aren’t pulling for you. You won’t keep them happy no matter what.