What kind of character are you?
August 30, 2018

parking lotIf I was hiring people I think I’d find out when they planned to get groceries. Then I’d sit in the parking lot and watch what they did with their cart when they finished unloading.

Do they walk it over to a corral? Or do they leave it next to other carts in a different part of the lot, nowhere near a corral? How difficult do they make it for the store employee charged with wrangling those carts?

The other day someone chose to leave a cart in the middle of the driving lane. What else would you need to know about that person?

You might think nobody’s watching, or nobody cares. Have you not seen the news? Someone’s always watching. Good behavior is its own reward, of course. But these days it can also keep you out of serious, permanent trouble.


photo courtesy of Katie Anderson