How do you come off?
November 28, 2018

A tilt of the head. A twinkle in the eyes. A bit of tension in the air. Your body language speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

That’s what virtual communication, even with a visual component, lacks. That’s why I was eager to talk with Dr. Nick Morgan about his new book on the subject, Can You Hear Me?

Nick says there are ways to compensate for the lack of emotional subtext. If you want to make sure the message you intended is the one received, ask: “How did what I just say make you feel?”

Isn’t that a beauty? Wouldn’t it come in handy in person, too?

If you’ve been married more than a few months you can probably attest to how easily wires get crossed. Transmission problems aren’t limited to the virtual world, after all. Nick makes me wonder what a different world we’d all live in if we asked ourselves this question before speaking: “How is what I’m about to say going to make this person feel?”

You look both ways before you cross the street. Why not consider both sides of the conversation before you endanger each other’s (emotional) lives?