Is it time to give up?
January 30, 2019

When does persistence become stupidity? Heck if I know, but my friend Jane Brody says giving up is a great idea -- sometimes.

“Some dreams will never happen,” she points out.

I bet you can think of a few. You’ll never look the same way you did when you were twenty, you probably won’t perform at Carnegie Hall if you have no musical talent whatsoever, and your odds of making the college basketball team disappeared when you graduated.

The wrong thing to give up on, though? Yourself. Decide you’re going to have fun, learn a lot, and matter to someone -- or a lot of people. Begin. Keep going.

Just don’t get too hung up on how that will unfold. Make a plan, head on down the road, and remember what another friend once told me -- that everything interesting happens on the sidestreets.