Can you embrace the need to fail?
January 31, 2019

new F for the blogTo court failure is to court life itself. You can’t learn without making mistakes, after all. It’s just part of the deal.

Which is…not news. What I’ve been wondering is how to remember it as things go straight to hell and appear to be staying that way. How do you remember it’s probably all for the best, eventually?

My friend Jane Brody, the acting teacher, has an idea. It’s one she uses all the time. When a student fails in a scene she makes the entire class jump up and down and applaud the failure. She has them yell, “Yeah! Yeah! Fail! Fail bigger! Fail more! Fail more!”

She doesn’t stop there. She has her students take a vow. They put their hands over their hearts and say, “I am homely, talent-free, and probably stupid. But I’m not going to stop.”