Is there room to grow?
February 7, 2019

Groundhog DayIn celebration of a holiday not-so-raucously celebrated, we gave our radio audience a behind-the-scenes look at Groundhog Day recently. Why have as your co-host someone who was a casting director on that movie if you don’t ask her to spill, that’s what I always say.

It was fun. You might enjoy knowing Bill Murray was chosen over actors like Steve Martin and Tom Hanks because they were “too nice.” The film needed someone who had a believable cranky side to balance out what could’ve been too much sweetness. You might find it interesting the groundhog bit Murray during filming and he (the actor, not the groundhog) had to go to the hospital. And you might find it as touching as one of the older actresses did, the gesture Murray extended that actress and two others in the flat tire scene. He sent a limo to pick them up and take them for massages and later to a fancy dinner.

What I found fascinating was more about casting itself. “You don’t want someone who’s perfect for the role,” Jane says. Huh? “No. You want someone who’s close.” But there has to be room for growth for both the character and the actor…and the story.

Never thought of that! But it rings true, doesn’t it? It works in film, and it works in life.