What’s the point of writing?
February 27, 2019

Have you ever had people pop out of the bushes, metaphorically speaking, to offer some unsolicited advice on how you might run your business? It happened to Darrell a while back. When I heard him click-click-clicking away on his keyboard I guessed he was going to tell them, so deftly they wouldn’t know what hit them, what they could do with the suggestion.

I was right.

Darrell composed a lengthy response, which laid out with much tact just how silly the suggestion was. He didn’t use the word “silly,” of course. He was nice, he was professional, and he did a superb job of proving -- not suggesting, proving -- the suggestion didn’t make sense.

He asked me to look over his reply, as is our routine. I couldn’t say enough about his logic, the writing, all of it. “That is an excellent letter,” I told him. “Great job.”

We didn’t send it, though. What would’ve been the point? No one likes to be wrong. Some people hate it so much they make a point of retaliating. Forget that.

You’ll spend much less time cleaning up messes if you don’t make them to begin with.

Darrell’s time wasn’t wasted, though. I keep hearing that’s the point of writing -- not necessarily to share, but to clear that mental clutter.

It worked!