What helps you stop worrying?
March 14, 2019

There are two kinds of problems. The kind you’re working on, and the kind you aren’t.


Working a problem’s a great way to distract yourself from having a problem. If you work hard enough, or smart enough, or consistently enough -- all three, ideally, obviously -- guess what? You might solve the problem. Which means you’ll graduate to bigger challenges, more worthy of you based on being the person who scaled the first mountain.

The problem you aren’t working, the one you only worry about, becomes a different problem. It keeps you up at night, makes you wonder what you’re playing at, and threatens to derail whatever else doesn’t happen to be a problem.

It takes a lot of energy to worry. Believe me, I know. And because you’re expending it there’s a temptation to think you’re doing something. You’re doing something, all right. You’re pretending you’ve taken action when you haven’t.

Kind of reminds me of what Seth would call shaving the yak.