What grounds you?
April 2, 2019

People who live in glass houses…delight me.

I love dusk. I love looking out our office window and seeing the neighbor’s lights on. There’s the man of the house, getting ready to take the dog outside. Now the lights are on upstairs. Probably getting the kids ready for bed. I swear I could almost hear the guy sigh with frustration as he stood before a tree at Christmastime, contemplating the never-fun challenge of wrangling those lights. But they looked so festive. You might want to unplug them before you string them, dude. No. Maybe he knows what a picture he makes. Never mind!

It isn’t only our neighbor, of course. It’s anyone’s house that’s all lit up once darkness descends. Each reminds me what’s easy to forget -- that while I’m the star of my own show, there are approximately eight thousand other dramas playing out right this very minute…and that’s just in our little town.

Now I’m floating up, up, and away to -- oh, look! There’s Katie’s apartment! In between, many more millions of people going about their lives.

The neighbor’s lights illuminate the infinity of stories we can inhabit. What a gift.