What’s a graceful way to open a telephone conversation?
May 8, 2019

“Have I caught you at a bad time or do you have a moment?” I got that line from Darrell, who opens every business call with it. I love it because it shows respect. You’re acknowledging the people you’re calling are probably busy -- and you’re letting them off the hook, so to speak, if they don’t want to talk right away…or at all.

I start most of my calls with that question, and I can almost hear the sigh of relief on the other end. It’s just a sweet way to ease into a conversation.

The Phone Lady, Mary Jane Copps, disagrees. She thinks it’s much better to introduce yourself and jump right into the reason you called.

To each his own. Our way feels less jarring.

One thing we’ve noticed is how often people will insist they barely “have a moment,” only to keep us on the line for much more than a moment! I can see why, though. We’ve established we respect their time, which borders on -- oh, I don’t know -- irresistible.