What’s the worst that will happen if you’re wrong?
May 14, 2019

dishesOnce upon a time I was having lunch with someone who said “which is saying a lot” when he meant to say “which isn’t saying much.”

As mistakes go, this is about as trivial as they get.

Or was it? One of the other people at lunch pointed it out in the friendliest, breeziest way you could imagine -- at which point the gentleman attempted to defend, well, the impossible. If his goal was to save face, the opposite happened. We scratched our collective heads, and were happy to change the subject.

Would it surprise you if I kept chewing on this? “What would it be like,” I thought, “to be so afraid of making a mistake you couldn’t cop to one this small?” Suddenly I felt only compassion for the guy. No, wait. That’s not true. I aspired to have compassion for him.

See what I did there? I admitted I’m not as evolved as I’d like to be -- and it took me a moment, too!