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Karan BajajDo you have difficulty concentrating? Listen to my conversation with The Yoga of Max's Discontent author Karan Bajaj. He'll help you get off that hamster wheel. Why work at a job you hate to maintain a lifestyle you feel trapped by? Is more stuff really going to make you happy? Or would you rather have more space in your life? Karan lives creatively, and I'm eager for you to meet him!

Jim MitchellWhat is microbiota? Why should you care? And could research get more exciting than this? Dr. Jim Mitchell makes me wonder! The bacteria in your gut may just be the key to -- if not everything -- a whole lot. Fecal transplants? They sound, shall we say, gross. But they’re saving lives. Jim also talks about how to stay healthy while you travel. If you’re going to change the way you eat, don’t go cold turkey!

Cash NickersonQuick. Name a skill that’s more essential to any job than listening. Have you taken a class in it? Listening as a Martial Art author Cash Nickerson can be your teacher, helping you hone that most important skill. “Silence is one of the lost arts,” Cash says. “Said husbands everywhere,” I teased him. But seriously. You’ll love listening to Cash. His voice is as soothing as his advice is sound.

Michael Lewis web siteIf your child wants to play football but you’re worried about concussions, don’t miss my interview with Dr. Michael Lewis, an expert on brain health. He talks about not only the risks and treatments for concussion -- but also brain health in general. Why exercise is so good for the brain. Which diet is the best for your brain? Can you really increase your chances of having a healthier brain later in life just by eating better? The research says yes. Isn’t that exciting?

Arianna HuffingtonDarrell and I never thought we'd be talking with Arianna Huffington about what happens in our bedroom -- but we had a good reason, and she made it fun! Arianna joined us to talk about her new book, The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time. Does sleeping in the same bed help or hurt your marriage? Is it time we changed how we feel about that spare bedroom? How dangerous is drowsy driving? And if Arianna grew up with a mother who revered sleep, why did she scorn that for a while? All that, and lots of tips for getting more sleep. Sweet dreams!