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Cort DialRemember that time you felt like you were part of something really special -- at work? Executive coach Cort Dial, author of Heretics to Heroes, shows you how to replicate that. He'll help you see your work for what it almost certainly is -- a big game with high stakes. Then he’ll help you inspire your people to be “all in,” and to see themselves worthy of their place on this important team. 

Jancee DunnYour marriage is going to change after you have a baby. Everything will have to be renegotiated. So says Jancee Dunn, author of How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids. Jancee made me wonder when I’ve had more fun talking with anyone about anything. She’s that honest! So listen up. She'll show you how to avoid the regrets that inspired her to write this book.

Lauren WrightWhat is it about a First Lady that so captivates us? Heck if I know. But Dr. Lauren Wright does. She’s the author of On Behalf of the President: Presidential Spouses and White House Communications Strategy Today. Barbara Bush, Laura Bush, Nancy Reagan, Michelle Obama -- and yes, of course Melania Trump. It’s an unbiased look at some fascinating women through the eyes of a political scientist.

How healthy are you?
April 15, 2017

Advanced Bio CellEver thought about getting a hair analysis test? I did, courtesy of the folks at Advanced BioCell. Bill Quateman joins us to talk about what I learned -- and about wholistic health in general. Bill’s passionate about helping people feel great as they age. Don’t let anyone tell you that chronic pain has to be part of the deal. You might not believe how much, for example, your diet and your attitude can change everything.