The Podcast

Elizabeth FournierElizabeth Fournier new remembers when opportunity knocked "its bony hand" on her door. She had a chance to be the live-in night keeper at a funeral home, and she took it. "I slept in a trailer on the spooky edge of the cemetery with a shotgun under my bed," she says. "It was the scariest summer of my life." It was also the start of a beautiful career, soon to be memorialized -- memoirialized? -- in a book tentatively titled Green Reaper. I asked Elizabeth what her philosophy of life is, and she had an answer! Just like that! No wonder I love talking with her. Have fun listening!

Charlie Hamblinnew Charlie Hamblin's one decorated guy. The Portland teenager is a sixteen-time national champion roller skater and a thirty-two time national medalist. He's on his way to the World Championships in Italy, but he took an hour out of his busy schedule to share what it takes to become world-class in a sport. Is it worth it? Should parents encourage a child with a dream like Charlie's to go for it? What's that family signing up for, by the way? And would it surprise you how much better prepared elite athletes are for the inevitable bumps and bruises of life?

Florence Ann RomanoDo you know how to deal with a disrespectful child? And what if it isn’t your child? What then? Great advice, wrapped in fun, from Nanny and Me author Florence Ann Romano. Florence Ann doesn't think you should become a nanny if you aren't ready to be a role model. Not bad advice for prospective parents, eh? Bonus feature: Start a whipped cream fight and earn the title of "Best Babysitter Ever."

Patrice Banks“Former auto airhead” Patrice Banks from the Girls Auto Clinic wants you to get your oil changed. And a manicure! And an attitude adjustment! She'll tell you how worried you should be when the “check engine” light comes on, tell you what's under the hood that you should never touch, and get you revved up with her inspiring story. (photo, Philly Voice)