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Barbara Winter bookAre you putting yourself in a position where “meaningful collisions” might happen? Joyfully Jobless Barbara Winter will inspire you to do that more often. Barbara has a “Do Talk to Strangers” policy, and is also a fan of seminars. The possibilities are endless, she says, when you're surrounded by people who are exploring the same subject.

Brooks PalmerLetting go of clutter can be an adventure of self-discovery. Let Brooks Palmer be your guide. He helped our daughter, Katie, say goodbye to piles of clutter in preparation for her move into a tiny New York City apartment. She found the process invigorating, and says Brooks changed her life forever. Want to give it a try? Start with this hour.  

What is college for?
December 30, 2017

Bill DeresiewiczDo you know people who are sweating the college admissions process? Not just prospective students, but their friends and especially their parents? I have a gift for them. I don’t usually refer to my talk show as a gift, but this encore with Excellent Sheep author Bill Deresiewicz is a work of art. Bill reminded me all over again why I got into radio. To have sparkling conversations about things that matter, and to share those with you.