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newest Nancy FlynnChecking eMail from home could trigger overtime. If you have employees you expect to be available after hours, you don’t want to miss my interview with The ePolicy Institute’s Nancy Flynn. How do you make sure you’re correctly classifying employees? No, you don’t want to run a business without having policies in place concerning the use of mobile devices. Yes, there are people who can help you with those. Like Nancy!

Amy GibsonWhat is it about our hair that feels like it defines us to such an extent? And what would it be like to lose your hair in your teens? Sex, Wigs & Whispers author Amy Gibson knows. She lost hers at a young age due to alopecia, and I can’t wait for you to hear her inspiring story. She’s dedicated her life to helping people with hair loss, a condition she hid for much of her early life even as she worked as a soap opera actress.

Richard GallagherOkay, so maybe it doesn’t sound as much fun as Wilderness Camp. But Rich Gallagher’s Anxiety Camp might make it easier for you to befriend wilderness creatures! Rich gives you tips on keeping anxiety at bay and reassures you phobias can be cured. We talk about worry postponement -- yep, that’s a thing -- and how much the simple act of committing your fears to paper can help you manage them. Don’t let anyone tell you that your fears are silly! Rich says, “To the contrary. Your fears are a sign of your intelligence.” Well, then.

Holly MulcahyMusic education is more important than you might guess. Let violinist Holly Mulcahy serenade you in this most thought-provoking hour of radio. Holly says we need the arts. They help release tension, they get us in touch with ourselves, and they help us cope. The arts are the wonder drugs that make us different from animals. They define us. It’s beauty for not only beauty’s sake -- and it’s also much more. It helps us examine our lives and express what we find.