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Is balance overrated?
November 17, 2018

Doing What Works logo 181013Have you noticed what we have, that the happiest people don't necessarily have a perfectly balanced life? If you're obsessed by one thing, congratulations. You haven't fallen into the trap of thinking you have to have it "all" (whatever that means) or have it all, all at once. Here's hoping you have enough bedlam to keep things interesting, and enough downtime to rest up in between.

Doing What Works logo 181013How do you feel about money? Do you resist talking about it? Why is that? What does money represent to you? And how much is enough? Jane and I also share our first money memories and how those shaped us as people. Bottom line? You might just be inspired to make peace with your approach to finances.

Doing What Works logo 181013Did you see the movie Fargo? In this episode of Doing What Works with Anderson and Brody Jane takes you behind the scenes of that film, and talks about her experience as casting director -- for which she won a prestigious Casting Society of America award. She tells you how she got the gig, how she found the actors, and what might surprise you about not only the movie but that profession.