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Clara ChorleyDid you grow up feeling like it was okay to have feelings? Not everyone did. It took Clara Chorley a long time to trust hers. Now the CEO and founder of Clarity Unlimited, she coaches people to honor their wanderlust -- literally and figuratively. She’s also a humanitarian, an insatiable explorer, and the author of TURN: 4 Steps to Clarity in your Career.

Michael KanterAs a chef, Michael Kanter dreamed of owning a business. Owning a restaurant wasn’t going to afford him the lifestyle he wanted. So he kept experimenting with food the way chefs do, and that's when he came up with adventurous flavors of nut butter -- in the Eliot neighborhood of Portland. Introducing Eliot’s Adult Nut Butters! It’s a good story. Come hungry.

Sandy SandlerWhat if you were so anxious you had difficulty leaving the house? Would you see a bright future selling -- on regular QVC appearances -- a product you invented? Didn’t think so! Bowdabra inventor Sandy Sandler has a story you won’t want to miss. Sandy’s observations about service dogs and the people who need them might change the way you move through the world. And if you’re looking for a dandy gift, or a dandy way to spruce up a gift, scoot right over to Sandy's web site.

What do you find funny?
November 5, 2016

Leigh Anne JashewayIf you’re a bit, shall we say, weary from election coverage you’ll enjoy an hour-long burst of silly from our favorite Accidental Comic, Leigh Anne Jasheway, author of 101 Comedy Games for Kids and Adults. Why we laugh -- some of the reasons might surprise you. Why I don’t know what Darrell’s fake laugh sounds like. And how to find more opportunities to laugh throughout the course of your day. Oh. One more thing. If you’re dating someone and the two of you don’t find the same things funny, take that seriously!