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Doing What Works logo 181013Do you feel at home in your house? Is it soothing? Or do you see piles of unfinished projects everywhere you look? It matters, you know. Your surroundings matter. Start with your kitchen. A clean, well-organized kitchen will inspire you to want to cook a great meal, share it with your sweethearts, and bask in a life well-lived. So put your phone away, dig into some housework, and don’t be surprised if that simple act of taking care of yourself makes you feel better all over.

Doing What Works logo 181013Have you resigned yourself to failing health as you age, fewer things to look forward to, a slow descent into insignificance? Wouldn't it be great to be able to anticipate the opposite? We think it's possible, we'll suggest some role models, and we'll help you create a vision you can't wait to live into. The best years of your life are likely still ahead of you.

Doing What Works logo 181013Your memory is not the truth. The story you tell over and over becomes the thing, not the actual thing. Don’t be too sure what you remember bears any resemblance to what happened! You have better ways to spend your time than debating who said what. I suggest you save your life by jotting things down. Jane wonders why I note some things and not others. What you focus on is who you become, we agree -- and the memories you focus on become the stories of your families.