The Podcast

Doing What Works logo 181013On the next show Jane Brody and I will not be talking about commitment. Darrell Anderson, our producer, will step in for Jane. This show about commitment is inspired by a listener in Portland -- we love hearing from our listeners! -- and we hope it'll help you commit to fewer things but with more enthusiasm. We talk about participation in service clubs and professional organizations. We talk about marriage. We even talk about my blog and the new version of Doing What Works coming your way in 2020.

Doing What Works logo 181013When someone asks if you want to do something and you don't, just say, "No, thanks." Or, "It was sweet of you to think of me, but I'm going to pass. Thanks, though!" Whatever your version of "no" is, as long as it doesn't include an excuse. An excuse gives the other person something to counter, and you aren't opening a discussion. You're closing one. What if it isn't quite that easy? That's when you volunteer you're booked, you're on deadline, you have other commitments. You don't have to mention those commitments are to yourself. They still count!

Doing What Works logo 181013Where does your anger come from, and how do you deal with it? Do you dump it on other people and make an already tense situation worse? Or do you turn it inward, and get depressed? Jane and I have a few coping mechanisms for when you feel overwhelmed by your emotions or are crumbling under the weight of someone else's. Much of life, after all, involves handling (or at least weathering) difficult situations. Think of this hour not as the calm before the storm, but the calm instead of the storm.