The Podcast

Arianna HuffingtonDarrell and I never thought we'd be talking with Arianna Huffington about what happens in our bedroom -- but we had a good reason, and she made it fun! Arianna joined us to talk about her new book, The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time. Does sleeping in the same bed help or hurt your marriage? Is it time we changed how we feel about that spare bedroom? How dangerous is drowsy driving? And if Arianna grew up with a mother who revered sleep, why did she scorn that for a while? All that, and lots of tips for getting more sleep. Sweet dreams!

Donna CuttingCustomer service expert Donna Cutting knows how to turn customers into lifelong fans. She's the author of 501 Ways to Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Customers. Donna says rolling out the red carpet doesn’t mean fussing over everyone. It means reading customers first to see if they’d appreciate that. How to make sure they know you care, how to make even visitors to an emergency room feel welcome, and how to make visitors to your restaurant welcome a wait. Bonus feature: Another reason to love George Clooney!

Krista VaradyHave you heard about The Every Other Day Diet? Dr. Krista Varady, author of that book and an expert on alternate-day fasting, will inspire you to try it. You eat five hundred calories one day, anything you want the next, and back to five hundred calories the day after that. It’ll be difficult at first, granted. But if you think you’ve tried everything and you haven’t tried this, what could it hurt to give it a spin -- after you've cleared it with your doctor? Krista uses it herself when she needs to drop a few pounds.

Helene SeguraWish you had, oh, an extra four hours every day? The Inefficiency Assassin Helene Segura will help you find them! You'll also learn how to keep the office from being more of the interruption factory it already is, and how to say yes to volunteer work without saying goodbye to your free time. Most importantly, Helene wonders if you really want to send your children to college knowing you frittered away their ballgames and concerts scrolling through Facebook on your phone. They notice, you know.