The Podcast

Stephanie Abrams CartinHow can social media help your business? What are the biggest mistakes people make when they use it? And how do you know when it’s time to get help, let alone decide whose advice is trustworthy? Stephanie Abrams Cartin, one of the founders of the social media marketing agency Socialfly, is eager to help. She's also the co-author of Like, Love, Follow: The Entreprenista’s Guide to Using Social Media to Grow Your Business.

Scott BoyerWhy should people with epilepsy -- who happen to live in poorer countries -- have difficulty getting diagonosed and treated? Scott Boyer from OWP Pharmaceuticals, a company that specializes in epilepsy treatment, decided to do something about that. More than half of the company's profits go toward helping the under-served epilepsy population around the world. The ROW Foundation handles the humanitarian work.

Kvamme TravelHow will you change as a person if you give yourself the luxury of traveling the world? How do you stay safe while you travel? Should you go on a guided tour? What kinds of people do better on guided tours? If you travel with friends, how can you make sure you stay friends over the course of a trip? And what can a travel agent do for you? Nancy Aughinbaugh and Sheila Anderson from Kvamme Travel in Moorhead, Minnesota will broaden your horizons!

DarrellHundreds of radio stations. Twenty years of farm broadcasts. How does that happen? Darrell Anderson, Doing What Works producer, has his own radio show -- the Successful Farming Radio Magazine. Darrell grew up on a farm and had worked in radio his entire career. It was a match made in heaven -- and I can’t wait for you to hear how it unfolded.