The Podcast

Alan SmithHave you ever thought about moving to Canada? Alan Smith and his family had toyed with the idea for years. Then the political climate in the US became so toxic that the move seemed worth the inevitable hassle. It was a hassle to move to London, Ontario. Alan’s family had a smoother path to Canadian citizenship than most people would, but there’s a lot to learn from my conversation with him. I think you'll have fun hearing about the subtle but important cultural differences.

ImagineMDDoctors are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the number of patients they’re asked to care for, and the way they’re being asked to care for them. But what if you had a doctor like Alex Lickerman -- who had all the time you needed, and was available around the clock when you needed him? That kind of access would cost you about what your cell phone costs now -- but it would also probably help you save money in the long run. This conversation is an hour of hope and healing, the way healthcare used to be -- and, thanks to the new model Alex is using, can be again.

Michele Payn bookWorried about where your food comes from or how it’s produced? Let Food Truths from Farm to Table author Michele Payn put you at ease. She hopes you won’t let terms like “GMO” or “biotech” scare you. She’ll walk you through some of the reasons they shouldn’t, and if you want to learn even more you can turn to her bestselling book.