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Gary Berg logoIt isn’t enough to have talent. You need bookings, and that’s where GL Berg Entertainment comes in. Gary Berg’s the founder of that company, which contracts more than four thousand shows and events every year around the world. Gary's also the author of Entertainers Who Work! -- a comprehensive guide for turning your talent into cash.

Robert CrownCan you imagine your mother trying to kill you? That’s what happened to Robert Crown and his two sisters when they were young. The mother's plot failed. She was never punished. Robert ran away from home a few years later, got involved in drugs, and encountered many other obstacles. Homeless in his mid forties with a wife and four children, Robert realized his thinking was corrupt and he could turn his life around. I think you’ll be inspired by how he did that, which is chronicled in Suffering Ends When Awakening Begins.

Can you lead?
June 2, 2018

Vince MolinaroIf your boss drives you crazy you’re in good company. Bad company? The wrong company? Vince Molinaro, author of The Leadership Contract, has the antidote. Good leaders make tough calls. You might not believe how much it costs to keep underperformers employed. When you step up and do the right thing, Vince says, your first thought will likely be, “Why didn’t I do that sooner?” He promises the good performers were wondering that, too!