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Doing What Works logo 181013It’s easy to pretend something isn’t a problem, to tell yourself it’ll go away or you’ll get used to it or the person really doesn’t mean any harm. Problem is, that doesn’t work. We’ll show you a few things that do. How to deliver bad news in a better way. How to get better at taking bad news in a more graceful way. How to keep the conversational temperature lower when emotions are high. Most importantly, how to keep yourself from putting off those difficult conversations. Suffer a bit more now, and you'll live and work and breathe a lot easier. Indefinitely!

Doing What Works logo 181013Are you forever fighting the urge to go after more of what causes problems for you? Food (sugar!), alcohol, drugs, even people. There's a difference between occasionally indulging in unhealthy behavior and being obsessed by it. What if you feel powerless to change? What if you've tried Alcoholics Anonymous or one of its spinoffs and that didn't work? And if you're hooked on coffee we address the good, the bad, and the ugly of skipping that.

Doing What Works logo 181013Maybe it isn’t so much what you say. Maybe it’s the way you say it. The sparkle -- or the dread -- in your eyes. The tone of your voice. The urgency with which you speak. It's impossible to monitor every aspect of your nonverbal communication, but it's imperative you gauge how well you're communicating -- and how kindly -- if you want to make friends and influence people. Or at least, not make enemies! And should you even aspire to a poker face, anyway?