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Randall Bell bookWe’re talking resilience with an expert on the subject, Dr. Randall Bell, author of Me We Do Be: The Four Cornerstones of Success. Dr. Bell’s been a consultant in the aftermath of the attacks on the World Trade Center, the crash of Flight 93, Hurricane Katrina -- and the Jon Benet Ramsey and OJ Simpson cases. Dr. Bell has gotten to know the victims of tragedies like these, and his book’s being used to inspire change in everyone from prisoners to executives to homeless children.

Candace JohnsonIntroducing…my editor! Candace Johnson’s been a flight attendant and a real estate agent -- two careers she loved and excelled at, by the way -- on her way to making a living as a writer and editor and writing coach. Wondering whether to go back to school to get your degree after all? Think it’s silly to try to find work you love? Can you do a better job of hearing what people don’t say? Whatever’s holding you back there’s a better-than-good chance Candace will have just the inspiration you need.

Darcia NarvaezDid someone tell you that you’re spoiling your baby by responding to every cry? Don’t listen to that person. Listen to Dr. Darcia Narvaez, professor at the University of Notre Dame in the psychology department. She says babies don’t have ulterior motives. They’re babies. If you let your baby “cry it out,” you’re teaching her to give up on you. Darcia's alternative? Keep cuddling until your baby makes it clear she's had enough!

Harriet LernerIf your apologies backfire -- or you’ve been the victim of a nonapology -- you’ll love my interview with Dr. Harriet Lerner, author of Why Won’t You Apologize? If you’re sorry, Harriet will help you make that clear -- in part by steering clear of one word in particular. If someone tells you he or she is sorry but it doesn’t ring true, Harriet will help you figure out why. Bonus feature: Help for those who apologize too much.

Barbara Winter bookWhat’s it going to be? A life you love, or a list of excuses why you don’t have it? Making a Living Without a Job author Barbara Winter will help you make the right choice. She’ll help you find the time. She’ll help you realize what would be missing from the world if you don’t share your gifts. Finding work you love isn’t selfish, after all. Sharing your gifts is generous!

Are you amazing?
February 18, 2017

Shep HykenCustomer service and experience expert Shep Hyken knows how to put on a show -- a talk show, that is! Shep and I swap stories about the customer service experiences we’ve had lately, and you’ll get a buffet of possible responses to make sure a good time will (eventually) be had by all. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… Oh, wait. That’s me. But you’ll have fun, and you’ll learn a lot!