The Podcast

John HuberWhen do the gloomies become clinical depression? If you or someone you know is going through a rough patch -- or worse -- listen up. Dr. John Huber from Mainstream Mental Health is back to talk about depression and the warning signs of suicide. One might surprise you! John gives you a step-by-step guide for keeping your kids from becoming addicted to social media, which he says puts them at high risk of depression.

Florence Ann RomanoDo you have the fever? Fred Rogers fever, that is. The Windy City Nanny, Florence Ann Romano, gives us another window on that world as we have a lively discussion about doing what works with children. One thing that works? Modeling the behavior you want to inspire. It isn't so much what you say, Florence Ann points out, as the energy you give off. As to how she befriends new charges? She had me at "whipped cream fight!"

Terry Cralle newAre you getting enough sleep? This hour of radio will put you to sleep -- eventually! -- we hope. Clinical sleep educator Terry Cralle says needing a good night's sleep to function isn't a character flaw -- and if you drive when you're sleepy you may as well be drunk, or texting. She'll tell you why to use an alarm clock at night, and when you shouldn't know what time it is.