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Brian David JohnsonBrian David Johnson doesn't predict the future. He uses science fiction to help people imagine it. He was Intel Corporation’s first futurist, is the futurist in residence at Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination, and holds more than thirty patents. He's the author of several books -- including Vintage Tomorrows, which debuted as a documentary this summer. As a ten-year-old Brian had a job in the computer lab at a local college helping economics majors use computers. So you could say his future surprise!

Do you have ADHD?
July 9, 2016

James OchoaIf you've been diagnosed with ADHD -- or suspect you might have it -- I hope you'll find my interview with James Ochoa helpful. James is the author of Focused Forward: Navigating the Storms of Adult ADHD. He walks you through the multitude of treatment options and encourages you to talk those over with your doctor. James is a therapist who investigates the challenges and the rewards -- yes, the rewards -- of ADHD.

John HewittIf you’re as successful as you want to be, no need to listen to John Hewitt talk about how he made his fortune in the tax return preparation business. Otherwise? I think you’ll enjoy my interview with the author of iCompete: How My Extraordinary Strategy for Winning Can Become Yours. If you aren’t as successful as you want to be, maybe you’re trying to stay in good with people who don’t want you to succeed. That’s a difficult thing to admit, but here’s hoping it’s also the first step toward a wonderful -- and successful -- life.

Colleen WainwrightIt's tempting to shame people online, to share something questionable you think is hilarious, to argue with someone who doesn't like what you've posted. Colleen Wainwright helps people tell their stories, and she reminds you there's more to life than amassing a virtual fan base. Do you really want to measure your worth by how many followers you have? It's a recipe for emptiness. But you can also make good friends -- real friends -- by first getting to know them online. That's how I met Colleen!