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Are you a solo parent?
December 17, 2016

Marika LindholmIf you’re a solo mom -- or dad -- there’s help. Dr. Marika Lindholm hopes you’ll check out, an online community she founded after she became a solo mom herself. The best thing you can inspire in a child, Marika agrees, is resilience. What better way to inspire resilience than by having your child watch you transcend this most challenging role?

Michael Lewis web siteCan helmets prevent concussions? Are roller coasters safe? And how can you help make sure your brain stays healthy as you age? Dr. Michael Lewis is an expert on brain health and the author of a new book about concussions, When Brains Collide. He calls it “a book about hope.” Watch your step, sure. But watch what you eat, too -- because good nutrition is the key to everything.

Are you into BMX Cycling?
December 10, 2016

Cash MatthewsFinancial advisor Cash Matthews has a new eBooklet out -- Financial Meatloaf -- and you can learn more about that on Facebook. We spend most of this hour talking about Cash’s passion for BMX Cycling. He was inducted into the National Hall of Fame for that sport in 2006. His reaction to the first overture from a bicycle race sponsor is topped only by his mother’s reaction, and it's worth the price of the hour!

How do you give back?
December 10, 2016

Nadya OkamotoPeriods are the number one reason girls miss school in developing countries. So says Nadya Okamoto, who adds a girl’s first period is often the reason she drops out of school, gets married at an early age, or is otherwise socially isolated. Nadya’s a freshman at Harvard, and she founded Camions of Care to help solve that. You’ll be impressed. Promise! I mean, really. What do you do in your spare time? Watch TV?