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Are your affairs in order?
September 15, 2018

The Decision Tree of AgingIt sneaks up on you, doesn’t it? Someone you love dies, or you have a health scare. And you realize in a way you didn’t before that we’re all on borrowed time and it’s high time you put your affairs in order. Where to start? How about here? With Randy Kinnison, author of the new book, The Decision Tree of Aging.

Jacqueline NewmanAre you sure you want a divorce? It’s the first question Jacqueline Newman, an attorney in Manhattan, asks her clients. It’s a full-time job, she says. Jacqueline’s the author of Soon-to-Be Ex: A Woman’s Guide to Her Perfect Divorce and Relaunch and Soon-to-Be Ex for Men: Preserving Wealth, Fatherhood, and Sanity during Divorce. And what about a prenup? A discussion about that, done right, can strengthen your marriage. The story Jacqueline shares will make you a believer.

Are your pets healthy?
August 25, 2018

Carol OsborneDo your pets get enough vegetables? Dr. Carol Osborne, a world-renowned veterinarian in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, says it matters. If you want your dogs or cats to enjoy a long and healthy life, you'll get plenty of great ideas from this program. We even talk about medical marijuana for pets! Bonus feature: What it’s like to be a vet.