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Deborah PrattThe Vision Quest author Deborah Pratt's life is a lesson in storytelling! Deborah was the executive producer and head writer on the iconic TV show Quantum Leap, and you'll love her spunk. As a newcomer to show business, auditioning for a job, she needed to leave to get to her "real" job on time. That's when she was asked, "Who do you think you are?" To which she replied: "Who do you think you are?" She got the job, and that exchange set the stage for one inspiring story: hers.

Dr. James HardtEver wish you could change your brain? Well, wish granted. Start right here -- with a fun, freewheeling, whimsical conversation with Dr. James Hardt from the Biocybernaut Institute. Dr. Hardt thinks biofeedback is the breakfast of champions, and a week immersed in it shot straight to the top of my Christmas wish list! I can't wait to hear what you think of this interview. You'll have fun listening. Promise. Or your money back!

Jason Anthony RileyConcerned about your safety? Live in a bad neighborhood? Get nervous in big crowds? Left of Bang co-author Jason Anthony Riley will give you lots to think about. Be aware of your surroundings. Jason says people who are distracted are -- to criminals -- the equivalent of an unlocked house or car: low-hanging fruit. Walk with a purpose, and pay attention to that little voice inside that says someone has a problematic interest in you.

Nora Novaknew Nora Novak is from Belgium, and she starred in the Belgian reality show, Vlaamse Hollywood Vrouwen. She’s also appeared in films, on television, and in rock videos. Nora joins us to talk about her immigration to the United States and her many escapades abroad -- and in Los Angeles -- which she chronicled in her new memoir, Los Feliz Confidential.

Robert SchwartzYou might have a financial plan. You might have a business plan. But would you believe you had a plan for your life before you were born? If you’re not up for that, no problem. But if you are? You’ll love my interview with Your Soul’s Plan author Rob Schwartz! This is one mind-blowing hour of radio, and I can almost guarantee you'll find it fascinating.