The Podcast

Michelle FondinWhen Michelle Fondin was in her late twenties she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She changed her diet, got more exercise, started meditating, and paid more attention to her relationships. She also discovered that most of her illnesses in childhood and young adulthood revolved around the area of her throat. She realized that her newfound awareness of the chakras gave her a huge advantage over her fellow patients suffering from thyroid cancer and other thyroid diseases -- and the result is Chakra Healing for Vibrant Energy.

Chris FieldWhat do you do with your spare time? Chris Field created the Mercy Project, working to eradicate child slavery in Ghana, Africa. Then he wrote Disrupting for Good: Using Passion and Persistence to Create Lasting Change. And, yes. He has a full-time job and a wife and kids and all that. You can change the world, too, you know!

Vince GennaHave you ever been tempted to get a reading from a psychic? I bet you’ll be really tempted after this interview with Vince Genna. He doesn't just bring his clients messages from other worlds; he helps them process those. In this hour we talk about communicating with people who’ve died, we talk about ghosts, and we talk about one of my past lives! Vince’s life is straight out of a movie and I can’t wait for you to hear his story.