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Are you at peace?
June 17, 2017

Dan Millman book newAwaken to the hidden powers of paradox, humor, and change with The Hidden School author Dan Millman. Or just pull up that proverbial porch swing and enjoy a conversation about life. Dan's a former world champion gymnast and coach, martial arts teacher, and college professor. His classic work, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, was adapted to film in 2006.


Jim KarolHow did a steelworker from Allentown, Pennsylvania, become a famous mentalist? Jim Karol can recite thousands of digits of Pi, eighty thousand zip codes, and the Scrabble dictionary. He uses his abilities to help people boost their memory, their morale, and their emotional intelligence. Now he's helping people who suffer from PTSD regain their emotional footing.

Margo and ShiraI can’t wait for you to meet Margo Roemeling and Shira Einstein! They’re in med school together, and their friendship might bring as many tears to your eyes as it did mine. If all I had to show for my radio work was introducing you to them, it was a good run. Shira and Margo are both 2018 MD Candidates at Oregon Health & Science University, and heard the calling to become doctors because of their childhood experiences. For Shira it was her teenage battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and for Margo, it was the need to take on a parental role with her younger siblings.

Shira and MargoJust how difficult is med school? Do you have what it takes? Does it still take someone who can memorize seemingly limitless information and function on significantly reduced hours of sleep? How important is the friendship between Shira Einstein and Margo Roemeling to each woman hanging in and getting through it? They bonded over their difficult childhoods, keep each other afloat through the inevitable “I don’t know if I can hack med school” feelings, and have a lot of fun.