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Do you say yes often enough? July 29, 2024 You don’t know what’s going to make you happy until you try it. The job or the relationship that looks good on paper may not feel so great at, say, ten o’clock on a Tuesday. That’s one reason to say yes to more things, so you can get a better feel for more things. Saying yes is a habit and a mindset, and it’s what we hope to inspire in this edition of Doing What Works. Here are your show notes… Irresistible author Adam Alter was one of Katie’s professors at NYU Stern and “say yes” was his advice. “I wish I might go back and do the little things you asked me to” is from a poem by Alice E. Chase entitled “To My Grown-Up Son.” Saying “yes” (and “yes, and”) is a rule of improv. Jerry Seinfeld says marriage is a big bet, the only bet of its kind in which you say, “This feels right; I think I’ll change everything.”
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