Welcome to the Doing What Works network of radio stations! Here's what you'll need to get started... The Talk Show The satellite feed of the weekly one-hour talk show is Sunday at 7:00pm Eastern on Westwood One. For XDS receivers, the label is TMN - Doing What Works. You can air the feed in real time, or record it for later use. You’ll need to complete an affiliate agreement with Talk Media Network before airing the show; just get in touch with Josh Leng at TMN at 616-884-8616. The show includes five minutes of network commercial time and 39:50 of talk. The rest (15:10) is local. The program clock shows the breakdown. It also lists trouble numbers for satellite feed support. The talk show is also available as a download from TMN and you can get downloading information from them. The program segments are posted no later than 5:oopm Eastern on Tuesday for the following weekend’s broadcast. We offer a topical promo for the talk show recorded by show host Maureen Anderson, which is between 21 and 22 seconds long. You can tag that yourself, or have Maureen record a tag for you. The promo’s also available by download from TMN. Again, Maureen is happy to record custom tags for you -- as well as custom promos and liners. Please feel free to use this logo on your station's web site and in promotional materials. Sales Support We want to help you make money with the show. Most communities have a nice pool of potential sponsors that could benefit from associating with a self-improvement program. Please let us know how we can help you sell the show to local sponsors. Contact Information For any problems with the satellite feed, please call Westwood One Tech Ops at 914-908-3220. For questions about affiliation, contact TMN at 616-884-8616. For production issues, please get in touch with Darrell Anderson at North Shore Productions. If you have suggestions for Doing What Works, please get in touch with show host Maureen Anderson.
Our Affiliates Doing What Works is a nationally syndicated radio talk show that originates from WZFG AM 1100 “The Flag” in Fargo and is distributed by the Talk Media Network.
Your Invitation Would you like to be a guest on Doing What Works? Is there something you'd like us to cover on an upcoming edition? Do you have suggestions for the program? Let us know.
The Requisite Disclaimers Doing What Works is advertiser supported, but I have no financial interest in anything I talk about on the show or write about in the blog. If you have any questions you can get in touch with me.
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