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What if it wasn’t your job to raise your children, but to learn from them? If you’re wondering how to be a good parent, you’re missing the point. Your job is to be a good person and to take your child along for that ride. That’s the focus of my newest presentation, “Whose Life Is It, Anyway?” It’s also the premise of my next book. I’ve been speaking about career change for many years. I studied that with the world’s foremost authority on the subject, What Color Is Your Parachute? author Dick Bolles, continued the research in hundreds of radio interviews, and wrote my own book on the subject. “Eight Simple Rules for Finding Work You Love” will help you scale the abyss. What if you could eat as much as you wanted, all day every day, and never gain weight? No gimmicks, nothing unsafe. And what if it was among the easiest things you've ever done? Think about it. Why do you give up on the latest diet? Because you're often, if not always, hungry. There's usually some complicated meal plan or point system or set of recipes you have to follow. My plan is simple, and “The Willpower Workaround” might work as well for you as it does for me. Have you ever fantasized about selling much if not most of what you own and moving into an RV? Well, guess what? My husband and I did that recently, and we have stories! “It’s All Downhill from Here” is a tale of adventure, all right -- complete with the requisite wild animals, fear of the unknown, and delight at wrangling challenges this city kid never saw coming. If you’d like to schedule a presentation, please let me know. Thanks!